Oxford_Wood_Recycling_August-27,-2010_107Oxford Wood Recycling is owned by its members, who are its workers and regular volunteers, and who are committed to growing a business that is socially inclusive, economically sustainable, and furthers the reduction, reuse and recycling of wood waste across the county and beyond.

We offer employment and volunteer work opportunities to people who find it hard to get work, and this includes working in partnership with other social enterprises and organisations in Oxfordshire who share these aims.

We believe that working with wood and timber offers many opportunities to gain skills and expertise – whether in making wood products, or in processing wood and timber – and it is generally very therapeutic!

Oxford Wood Recycling
4 Suffolk Way
Abingdon Oxfordshire OX14 5JX
United Kingdom
Phone: 01235 861 228
Email: info@oxfordwoodrecycling.org.uk
Url: http://www.oxfordwoodrecycling.org.uk
Oxford Wood Recycling

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Oxford Wood Recycling awarded £250k by Postcode Innovation Trust

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