The list below represents the key activities to be carried out at each phase; it is not comprehensive or definitive, but meant solely as a guide.

1. Initial research

i.  Talk to us at NCWRP, we’re always available on the phone on 01273 20 30 40 (contact us)
ii.  Take some time to have a detailed look at the NCWRP website (this section in particular)
iii. Understand the community wood recycling business model
iv. Complete personal checklist
v. Visit the Brighton Project (arranged through NCWRP) or another existing enterprise
vi. Speak to other existing wood recycling entrepreneurs

2. Feasibility study and budget

i. Plan and carry out your feasibility study (or use our feasibility study service)*
ii. Produce 3-year budget
iii. Evaluate feasibility study (with the NCWRP) to decide if setting up a community wood recycling enterprise is viable in your area

* A feasibility study will look at the key factors that will determine the viability of a community wood recycling enterprise in your area. It looks at things like the flow of wood waste in the construction sector, the cost of skips, the location of any chipping companies, the availability and cost of suitable premises.

3. Set-up  phase – pre-funding

i. Produce business plan
ii. Apply for funding
iii. Register entity (community interest company, company limited by guarantee etc)
iv. Open bank account
v. Search for premises
vi. Engage with volunteer/placement agencies
vii. Volunteer at an existing wood recycling enterprise (2-3 days)
viii. Re-work budget

4. Set-up phase – post funding

i. Apply for Waste Carriers License and Environment Permit exemption
ii. Purchase truck (and fit cage if necessary)
iii. Obtain premises (fit out as necessary)
iv. Obtain Public Liability and Employers’ Liability insurance
v. Engage staff/volunteers and carry out inductions and Health and Safety training
vi. Arrange signage for premises and truck
vii. Produce marketing material and all paperwork (use NCWRP templates)
viii. Designate start date
ix. Commence marketing for collections
x. Carry out P.R.

5. Launch/Post launch Phase

i. Continue PR activity
ii. Continue collection marketing
iii. Continue volunteer recruitment and training
iv. Arrange mentoring with NCWRP

Many of the above steps will occur at the same time; keep in contact with us at NCWRP throughout the process and we’ll make sure you’re on the right track.

What next?

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