Shaw Trust began working with London Borough of Bromley in 2004 to deliver alternatives to day care for adults with learning disabilities by setting up Bromley Social Business.  Community Wood Recycling is one of the social businesses providing opportunities for our service users.

Reclaimed wood and products can be purchased from the Shaw Trust Wood Recycling premises in Croydon.

Shaw Trust’s social business provides:

  • A positive alternative to closing services
  • A progressive, work-focused alternative to day care leading to independence and employment for even the most severely challenged day care users

And their social business:

  • Operates in a business-like fashion
  • Offers a wide range of real work opportunities
  • Is commercially focused to meet the needs of customers
  • Is financially sustainable with a proportion of its income coming from the sale of goods and services
  • Offers opportunities to adults with complex needs, we currently employ 41 service users with complex disabilities across our businesses
  • Ensures that disabled employees work alongside non-disabled employees
  • Develops independence and builds confidence outside of work
  • Provides opportunities for development into other sustainable employment
  • Involves people with disabilities in decision making
  • Has a clear benefit for the local community
  • The service now operates from commercial working environments where service users interact with professional working people every day


Shaw Trust Wood Recycling (Croydon)

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