As discussed, please find attached our EMPA social impact report, a collection summary, and some volunteer stories from the relevant wood recycling enterprises.

At present we can attribute about 1.4 volunteer positions and 3 months of employment to the EMPA work so far on the basis of collection volume, but the impact may effectively be higher than that since a large proportion of the wood was suitable for high-level reuse and so contributed to resale and workshop activities as well as just collection (over half of the collected wood was high-grade, compared to a general average of 20%).

Pictures of products made at the enterprises can also be obtained if you need them, although it may be difficult to determine whether the wood used originated from these sites specifically. East Midlands and Just Wood both make a point of the social aspect of their work and may be willing to provide more specific information if you need it. Jericho hasn’t provided us with any volunteer stories specifically from the wood recycling operation, but the wood recycling is just one aspect of a larger charity which focusses on social goals, and has some stories and further info on their website.

Case Studies – EMPA

Social Impact Report – Wates – EMPA

Summary – Wates – EMPA